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Just finished and submitted my final design for my good friend, Aaron, who is going to be playing a concert in New York at the end of the month. If you are in the NY area on January 31st I highly suggest making your way down to the Lower East Side and catching this performance, my man knows how to put on a show. He is Aaron David Gleason, they are ADG and Band.

(all graphics are hand drawn, then scanned, resized, placed, and colored all by - iLO)


A Head Full of Faces

A little while ago I was working on this ink-pen drawing; as I had recently accepted my fascination with the most complex body part, the face, I challenged myself to fill a page with faces. I ended up throwing in a quick self-portrait in there, making it seem a little more personal. Here is where I finished. At that time I felt I had met my challenge however, coming across the drawing again today and taking the time to scan it I have begun to second guess I post it here, for you to see...what do you think world? Let it be??? or Work it some more??