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Keep your eyes out for iLO stickers getting thrown up all around LA, Santa Cruz, and SF....Get at me if you want some...

Charles Burns Interview in Vice

Check out this Charles Burns Interview published in Vice, it's an extensive interview with the artist about his new comic book and his process behind the creation of his books and the evolution in his style, as made evident in his new book, X'ed Out.


Pro-bono Logo

The last few days I've been kickin it in LA with my brother, aka DJ Jayceeoh, and decided to work on a couple possible logos for him to hold on to for whatever...I wanted to put these sketches up to see what people think before I put the finishing touches on them....let me know what ya think!



Here's a new piece that I recently started for a group show that apparently keeps getting pushed back every time the set date comes close...the title of the show is "We Are All Animals", it's supposed to be in Santa Cruz, CA sometime in the next decade at the Felix Kulpa least I'll have a lot of time to work on more pieces.

These are all photos of the image on the stone before being etched, unfortunately the studio closed for the holidays before I got a chance to processes it after the first etch...we will see how it looks in a couple of weeks....

Photos by iLO

That's text is as much of the beginning of Allen Ginsberg's Howl as could fit.

Thats right, I scratched all that text out (backwards) with an x-acto

^^   Finished stone shots, before the first etch.    vv

Slow Moving Prints

Ive been working on this print since mid summer...what you see here is a three layer lithographic print, all layers were drawn freehand with no real predetermined plan (something I do very rarely, probably why this has been taking so long) The final "key" layer will be printed in black from a woodblock relief.


Make Life an Art

Recently my two good friends Tim Shriver and Danny Shimoda worked on my first tattoo, designed by yours truly with collaborative efforts of Tim...

                                Danny putting on the finishing touches (Photo by Sean Vraniza)

                                Photo by Sean Vranizan

                                Photo by Sean Vranizan

                                 Photo by iLO

                                 Photo by iLO

                                Photo by iLO

                                Photo by iLO

                                Photo by iLO

                                Photo by iLO

Big Ups to Danny for the final touches, way to make it pop! And big shout to Tim for trimming down the fat from the original sketch, made it much more flowy


It's Going Down!!

The iLO blog is launching, starting now!! More action coming soon...Stay up on it!